Story Repost: SLF 03: The NJ Devils Made Me Do it!
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2006-02-25 10:08:06 UTC
I was reading through some of my silly, yet fun, Chill stories and am
posting this in honor of the Guv'nor..."Bloody Norah!" <grin>

SLF 03: The NJ Devils Made Me Do It!

"Bloody Norah, my Devils lost games three and four to those quacking
ducklings!" Chill shrieks as she skims the final NHL hockey scores in
the Detroit Free Press. "That's old news, Chill, game five is on tonight
and you'd better watch your mouth or you won't be sitting comfortably
for your Devils." Robert grins as he kisses his wife's cherry flavored
lips and wonders where on earth she picked up the "bloody Norah"

"Isn't it a bit early to be sucking on lollipops? I don't know what I'm
going to do with you, my little devil!" Robert says as he glances at his
watch, "damn, I'm running late."

"Well, you'd better make like a car and drive, lover!" Chill blurts out,
not letting the opportunity to stick out her tongue pass her by. Robert
makes a mental note of her cherry red stained lips and tongue, dipping
his head down into the paper in her arms he places a hard kiss on her
poutingly sugary sweet lips. Loving the scent of Chill's latest body
lotion, Robert longs to linger and take his wife on the kitchen floor,
but the work demon beckons and he must break their deep kiss and head

The ring of the telephone snaps Chill back to reality as she massages
her swollen lips. "Hey, Chill, have you asked Robert if he'd mind
spending an upcoming weekend without you so we can shop and catch up
while I whisk you away to Chicago?"

"Good morning to you, too, Macy! Have you forgotten that I am helping
out Robert's colleague, Gertrude Gretel Drulz, with the writing of her
new romantic novel?"

"How can one sell romance with a name like Drulz?" Macy groans into the
"I was flattered that she asked me to help out and she's struggling with
her storyline at the moment and I don't intend on letting her down.
"Don't you mean that you don't intend on letting Robert down? I am sorry
that I called you at such an early hour, I will get back to you later in
the week." Macy sighs and hangs up.

Chill stares at her telephone receiver in disbelief at Macy's abrupt
dismissal. Getting up to stretch her legs, Chill carries her pink Apple
laptop into the livingroom and begins typing up all of Gertrude's
mini-cassette tapes full of her latest story ideas.

Time is one thing that has been going by much too fast lately as she
listens to the grandfather clock strike twelve times, she decides to
drop a line to her husband at work but drifts off to sleep before
hitting the send button.

Robert spots his sleeping Chill on the couch upon his return home from
school. He can only smile as he moves in closer to gaze at her soft
features in the sunlit room as he notices her black bra and panties
under one of his long white button down dress shirts that she chose to
wear as her main clothing selection for the day.

Closing the vertical blinds, he quietly walks over and finds a bag of
Charm Blow Pops on the coffee table as he sits on the edge of a cushion
behind Chill's knees. Glancing at Chill's laptop he begins to read: "My
love, Macy hung up on me this morning and I don't think she wants to
speak to me again becuz I have such little time left for her these days.
Whatever shall I do? I am very sleepy at the moment. All my love,

Robert feels his wife begin to stir and she sleepily rolls over onto her
tummy, listening to her soft breathing, he discovers she's still fast
asleep. Gently running his warm palm over her sexy black pantied covered
bottom, he begins to massage her bottom, a bottom that he has dreamed of
spanking all day to match the dark cherry red stain of her lips. He
hears her moan as he slides her panties down past her full bottom and
down her legs as his kneading intensifies. "Lift up your hips, Chill,"
Robert says as he places a soft pillow under her, "I am going to spank
you, I want your bottom sizzling hot when I make love to you." Having
her voluptuous bottom elevated and so exposed to her husband's gaze
makes her juices flow before the first spank lands. Spank after
delicious smarting spank lands on her soft full bottom leaving Chill
panting and moaning and stroking her warmth and wetness.

"I want you, my love!" Chill exclaims as she feels her husband's smooth
lips kiss the hotly spanked and overheating flesh on her bare bottom.
Robert's hands run up and down Chill's naked hips as he helps her
straddle his muscled thighs. Sliding his dress shirt down her arms,
Robert rips the black bra off of Chill's body as she impales herself on
his throbbing and aching manhood.

Chill revels in the power of her husband's climax and the feel of his
strong fingers cupping and kneading her hotly spanked bottom. "I love
you." Robert says as he pulls her into his arms.

Chill reaches for another Charm Blow Pop to unwrap as her husband grasps
her wrist tossing the sucker back onto the coffee table and presses her
palm against his naked chest as he strokes the back of her hand. "We
must discuss all of this hard candy that you've been consuming lately,
my little cavity-prone wildcat,"
Robert laughs deeply as Chill wraps her arms around her beloved, the
heat generated from their bodies make her feel suddenly very sleepy and
The Guv'nor
2006-02-25 11:25:57 UTC
Post by SG
I was reading through some of my silly, yet fun, Chill stories and am
posting this in honor of the Guv'nor..."Bloody Norah!" <grin>
Aaw, now that is nice! And I remember well this great story!

Good to see you again SG.

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2006-02-26 18:16:41 UTC
Mike wrote:
<<Aaw, now that is nice! And I remember well this great story! Good to
see you again SG.>>

Good to see you again, too, dollink!

SG ;)))