Don't forget McTurks TONIGHT!!
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Alex Birch
2006-04-09 07:14:49 UTC
McTurks chat room will be in session as usual from 5pm US eastern time (10pm
GMT) this evening and I look forward to seeing as many people as possible who
can make it.

Newcomers are always welcome and I will attach the means of
getting to the chat room at the end of this note.

Its a fun filled couple of hours to chat with fellow spankos so come along and
join in!!

Finding us:_

To get onto 'McTurks' if you are not an AOL subscriber, you need AOL's Instant
Messenger (IM) product which can be downloaded free of charge.

You need to register a user screen name with AOL and , when that is
acknowleged, perform the following:-

When you have logged in to IM under your user screen name, click the 'People'

Within the 'People' list, click 'send chat invitation'

When the chat invitation box comes up perform the following:-

Within the section 'screen names to invite', enter your own screen name

Ignore 'Invitation message'

Within 'chat room' delete the default number allocated and replace it with
'mcturks' (without the quotes)

Then hit 'send' and you should be in the 'mcturks' chat room.

Good luck and hope you enjoy chatting with us.

'They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety.' - Benjamin Franklin
The Guv'nor
2006-04-11 11:40:19 UTC
4th bloody attempt in 2 days at posting!
Hi everyone at ASRM
I have spoken with Mike and he is happy that I post this here and its an
edited (for ASRM) copy of a post I made to ASSM a couple of days back. I
hope some of the ASRM posters might join with me in the new venture
On Monday April 10th I am launching a new web based spanking forum called
'Flaming Cheeks'
I have reached the conclusion that, love USENET and its freedoms though I
do, that the growth capacity for USENET groups has declined significantly
for a number of reasons, one of which is generational empathy with web
forae and another being the decision of AOL to axe its USENET newsgroup
Alex has spoken to me about "Flaming Cheeks" and he has my full
encouragement and best wishes.

USENET is basically dead. The unpopular but sensible decision of AOL to
a dead donkey was the death knell for a medium that had been dying
it's potential had been stifled.

I think it has become obvious that I have lost interest in USENET and
ASRM and I will shortly be making a decision about my future on this

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The Guv'nor
2006-04-11 12:49:25 UTC
And then I send it to the wrong bloody post!!