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Happy Spanking,
Jennifer Brooks
2006-04-11 07:00:08 UTC
Super Spanking Sale!

All videos and DVD's featuring Jennifer Brooks are on sale at the very
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JENNIFER BROOKS Videos and DVD's (note, not all titles are available on

Spanking Video #01 Lustful Lingerie Lecture
Spanking Video #02 Andy's First Spanking
Spanking Video #04 Spanked, Paddled, and Tawsed DVD available
Spanking Video #05 Some Like It Hard
Spanking Video #06 Jennifer's Playroom
Spanking Video #07 Schoolboy Fantasy
Spanking Video #08 Birthday Spankings
Spanking Video #09 Women Spanking Men Preview 1
Spanking Video #13 Lingerie Shoplifter
Spanking Video #15 Schoolroom Discipline
Spanking Video #16 The Peeping Tom
Spanking Video #19 Mistress of Discipline
Spanking Video #20 Women Spanking Men Preview 2 DVD Available
Spanking Video #31 Jennifer Gets It DVD Available
Spanking Video #38 Men Spanking Girls Preview DVD Available
Spanking Video #50 Jennifer Gets Spanked DVD Available
Spanking Video #53 Naughty Boy Lecture DVD Available

You can order these spanking tapes using my online shopping cart, by
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below, or mailing in your order! It is easy!! You can email me too at
my email address below :) I am the only one who listens to the phone
messages, reads mail, or reads the FAX, so your information is very,
very safe :)

Jennifer Brooks
Brooks Applications
PO Box 675750
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067-5750

(858)759-8706 phone
(858)759-2226 FAX
website: www.hotspankings.com

Email: ***@hotspankings.com

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