never had a real spanking & would like to experience it
(too old to reply)
joe shmoe
2006-05-14 01:50:01 UTC
Im 26, and I have never had a real spanking. I have been interested
in it since I can remember, and have been spanked a few times, but
have never really been over somebody's knee getting a long spanking,
and crying and only wanting it to stop. I have never felt that
helplessness over somebody's knee.

I would like to feel what that is like before I get any older. I am
still very much a kid. Going to school, very athletic, and
submissive. The problem is, im 6'2'' 220lbs. Im in the gym a lot and
am muscular. So it would probably take a bigger guy.

I am really looking to have my hands tied behind my back, my mouth
gagged and be put over a knee and given a long hard spanking by a
Daddy type figure. I want to cry and beg for it to stop, but have it
go on.

I live in the Los Angeles area. If this could be you, please email

2006-05-27 15:13:36 UTC
Try posting on m4m on craigslist... I am sure you will find several
guys willing to satisfy your need! Good luck.

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